The TI-Basic Compiler
This page is devoted to simple code that shows how to use the compiler's features.

The first example is extremely simple, all it does is put "Hello World!" on the screen:
Disp "Hello World!"
Save this into 'hello.tib', in a directory for all your TI-Basic programming. This tutorial uses 'C:\code\tibasic'. Once saved, open a command line (Start->Run, then type 'cmd'), and type (this is assuming the compiler is in the folder 'C:\tibasic'):
C:\tibasic\tibasic.exe "C:\code\tibasic\hello.tib"
Next to 'hello.tib' there should now be a file called 'hello.8xp'. Send this to your calculator, and then run it. You should see "Hello World!" on the screen.

More tutorials coming soon...